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    Creating videos with messages

    With our professional video creation services, you can lay back to create various kinds of videos like corporate videos, films, albums, songs, promotional videos, website videos and much more. We at Milleniance constantly strive to provide the best engagement to the viewer. A video is a powerful tool that can be used to wrap your message creatively and utilized it to promote your business. With a seasoned pro team with rich expertise in creating and producing videos, we ensure to deliver real-time results to your business.

    Quality videos are admired by the audience and we at Milleniance ensure to surpass your video needs with our passionate approach, commitment, and experience. We believe every company is unique and videos showcasing the company should complement it. Being a leading company in creating and producing quality videos, we follow our first-hand experience in creating story-driven messages, making sure your voice reaches the customers, raising brand awareness, promoting the brand, communicating the message and driving conversion.

    Type of Videos

    Corporate Video Shoots

    The traditional way of presenting your company in front of your target audience works but do they work the best? No. We do corporate shoot in most professional and efficient way to engage and capture attention of your audience.

    The corporate video is best way to convey your brand story, improve CTA and to improve confidence of your audience. We have more then 15 + years of experience in corporate shoot.

    Commercial Video Production

    We carefully weave your ideas about the product and services of your company and then we present them in a strategic and creative representation. With our mix of marketers, directors and content writers we make sure that the commercial video created for your organisation improves brand recall value and

    Documentary Production

    With our experienced team of professionals and state-of-art equipments, we craft content rich and visually appealing documentaries with in-depth research. Whether it’s exploring cultural heritage, uncovering historical truths, or highlighting newfangled issues, we create documentary videos that are designed to inform, inspire and engage the audience

    Product Video Shoot

    Our approach to product video shoot is tailor-made according to the demographics and geographics of your target audience. Our team of copywriters, creative directors and researchers conjure up ideas which are best suitable to your brand, and as an omnichannel marketing agency we help you build your path in developing a comprehensive video strategy, so that you can get a high return on your investments.

    Why Milleniance

    Why Milleniance

    Few reasons to choose us as your video creation partner

    Comprehensive Approach

    From conceptualisation to scripting and from shoot to distribution we provide end-to-end services. At Milleniance we ensure that your end goal of increasing brand recall value is met, we also ensure that video's created by us is a unique blend of creativity and market insights and is catering to old generation and gen Z at same time.


    Creative Direction

    All of our projects are directly governed by creative Directors ranging from experience between 10-15 years, this ensures a great concept, best camera angles, and perfect act by models involved.

    Our creative directors are highly skilled and has experience of creating minimum of 100 videos, the videos governed by them ensures a cohesive and impactful message.

    On Time Delivery

    Before starting the project, we estimate the timeline of video production and delivery so as to stay transparent with our clients, the estimate includes all the stages of video production - Idea development, pre-production, production and post-production.

    Once the project is initiated, we plan ahead and create detailed outline, script, storyboard, shot list, budget, and schedule for your project. The schedule is shared for your approval via advanced project planning software to ensure that you and we are on same page.


    State of The Art Technology

    Our technical team is already equipped with latest equipments, technology and methodology. We have our own set of lenses, camera, gimbals, lighting equipments, tripods, reflectors, filters and other required tools.

    With us you can have peace of mind that we are never using obsolete technology or equipment and your video always comes out as one of the best.


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