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    Going mobile is must for today's business owners, as statistics says that 70% of your potential visitors must be searching you over mobile and if you get your applicaiton installed on client's device consider your 90% marketing done. Being decade old agency we know In and Out of the industry and mobile application work, we could be an integral part of your organisation's success.

    In Milleniance we quite fondly say that "Website is Girlfriend & Mobile application is Wife" and both have their own charm, yet at some point of time it's your wife to whom you listen the most - sending push notifications, keeping your logo on user's home screen builds up your brand value.

    Our approach

    We employ proven website design strategies in each and every work, whether it's a simple informational website or a full-blown e-commerce website.

    First we create sitemaps, user flows, and wireframes to hone your message and desired interaction. Then comes our aesthetically remarkable designs. Every design is optimized for mobile and desktop to create a consistent.

    Our Expertise

    Key Areas of Our Mobile Application Development

    Android Application Development

    Android is being used by 70% of user's across the globe, and it will be the wisest decision to cater android user's by creating native android application, we will make sure that your mobile app works consistently across all the available version and devices running on android.

    iOS Application Development

    Catering to high-end client's with complex or custom features, go for this one. Our technical team will make sure that you present your business/product in style and to the right customer set.

    Hybrid Application Development

    Concerned about user base, cost and time - Hybrid is for you. This cross-platform application make sure that you get best of all the world's and can target all kind of user base with single application. The only limitation is high end application's should be avoided.

    Windows Application Development

    Although very less number of users are in for windows phone, yet they could be significant when it comes to using applications launched by Microsoft. Although we have limited support for windows application, but we still try our best to urge your need for this one.

    mission & vision

    Why Milleniance

    Few reasons to choose us as your mobile app development partner

    Unique Layout/Scalable Platform

    Our mobile application developer designs UI & UX from sketch on demand, we will make sure that irrespective of you choosing android application or iOS application, we make it scalable, light-weight and fast to load. The developed application will be scalable and UI will be strikingly unique.

    Our application development team understands, conceptualizes, executes and implements unique functionality depending on your target group, products/services and your goals. Whatever be the function of your app, we just make sure that it serves the purpose and stay in user's mobile forever.


    Bugless Product

    As far as any platform for your mobile application is concerned we make sure that instead of your end customer it is we who checks, reports and sort out the issues before deploying it on play store or app store. Needless to mention you don't get second chance to get your application installed on 80% of phone once it has been un-installed.

    To make sure that things are going to be in almost perfect position, we split our team who then follows maker and checker concept. Checker team does iteration till no more visual or technical bugs are there.

    Scalable Servers

    Developing mobile application and hosting them are two different jobs, and we take extra pre-caution when it comes to hosting your application either on play store or app store. We recommend hosting your database and back-end atleast on Virtual Private Server or if you have good budget then either on Cloud server or dedicated server.

    We can also host your mobile application backend and database on our own managed server's, where we guarantee daily backups along with other benefits, to know about our hosting packages simply call us on +91-99999-82481 or drop us mail on contact@milleniance.com


    Ongoing Support

    As far as we are your IT partner's, we make sure that your application is in latest version and is supported by newly launched versions and devices, let it be android or iPhones.

    To make sure that your application is technically up to date, we have in-house testing team with all the required tools and software's so that we are the first one to report any mimssing functionality or update that is required to keep the app running.

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