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Why is it important to forgive and forget?

by Sandeep Shukla on 10 March, 2018

Well, hope you guys are doing good…

Today we have chosen a topic that can make or break your relation, it all depends how well you fit yourself in other’s shoes and most important is how quickly you do it. Most of us take decisions depending on our level of intelligence, our education and environment we belong to, and it is not possible to keep everyone happy with our decisions.

Same is the case with person who just made you angry, and yes we know how you are feeling right now,betrayed-cheated-hurt and dejected, but trust me these feelings are not permanent once you give yourself 5 CALM minutes, and divert your mind in reading the points below, it might help you in long run and in any case we are there with you…

1) Think about the person who loves you a lot, and is ready to do anything for you, they could be your parents, friends, colleagues or love of your life, if one person hurt you still there are lots of people who need you and who cares for you, smile for them.

2) There might be lots of thing you have achieved in your life, but there are still lot of things to achieve, gear up use your anger and sorrow to charge up the fuel inside you and to achieve your new year resolutions if any.

3) Forgiveness is the only thing that can hurt your opponent in actual, try it once by heart and you feel the difference, it has been proved more than hundred movies, and has been practiced by some of the greatest human beings to get an unimaginable positive result. This is something that can make you strong and can increase your willpower.

4) Let’s make it more clear with an example – If i am giving you a 100$ and you are not accepting it, then with whom the money will remain? Me of course, same law applies if somebody is hurting you mentally or socially (not physically of course), the words use by him will start hurting him after few moments if you will not reply and move on.

5) Still if you think that you are not able to move on or divert your mind, you can write down a letter to that person, ya i know that this sounds too old, but this is one proven technique to yell out your feelings. Letters are the most powerful way of expressing your emotions, be it a romantic love letter to your beautiful and charming partner, or to the stupid who had just knowingly or unknowingly hurt you. It can improve your mind set soon after you end up writing.