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Vision : Yours or Society’s?

by Shreya Bhatnagar on 28 April, 2018

It is pretty advisable to keep things to yourself and imbibe implementations.
Well, to the saddest outcome one can ever account to, is that, best of implementations are only made when one has a vision set.

Vision? Almighty save us. It is more of the society’s vision one thinks of than one self’s,no?

Aspirations, expectations, response and what not makes us feel from within. Is it always valued?
If yes, cloud nine is the destination, else?


Is the vision set? Is it yours? Society’s? Fetch it !

Break down? Of-course not. When you’ve thought what confines others,why disturb your own comfort ?

I know, how it is to hamper any aspiration by the loved ones, but one can’t deny, that our life HAS to be ours.
Neither society’s, nor any man’s !

Hold your worth,
Live thy world,
Sing your songs,
Let go the hum-dis-owner’s thorns