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Social media is something that keep us glued to our mobiles, tabs or laptops, and provide huge opportunity to sell consumer goods. Giants like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora and to some extent Google+, can bring enormous traffic to your website and making your sales funnel jammed with incoming leads.

We work to achieve 360o solution including all the social media giants.

Social Science – Be where people are searching, no matter how great your product or service is, people need to know about it, and if your visitor is spending approx. 15sec on your post, chances are great that he remembers you for long time. We have also noted that if any visitor sees you 7 time in short span of time, you will be remembered for life time. Isn’t that great? Let’s start working on these sciences and work to convert your visitors into your clients.

Custom Campaigns – Our creative team, works in close coordination with your sales and marketing team to make sure that your online strategy is getting right mix of creatives, contents and platforms to showcase your products/services. As your campaigns start generating result, we review result with you to adjust creatives and content to get optimized result.

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Platforms we work with

Facebook Marketing

For social media promotion, Facebook could be boon and can’t be ignored, the number of active users swear about the kind of success that you can get on social media kingpin.

Facebook give you option to take engage user in forms like “Get Message”, “Get Directions”, “Claim Coupon”, “Poll” and many more features. Campaigns can be customized as per organization’s current need and result can be seriously great.

LinkedIn Marketing

Rightly said “Network of professionals”, promoting your business on LinkedIn could be truly awesome, if done in right way. LinkedIn people usually expect non-cluttered and no-nonsense content, something which can enhance their knowledge and can help in their professional growth. If your organization gets enough exposure on LinkedIn, it can get exponential growth in very less time.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is one of the largest video website, with millions of viewers searching for various keywords and spending good amount of time on the channels. Once your video gets posted on YouTube with right set of keywords, title, descriptions and annotations, be assured that your brand value will increase along with increase in number of your subscribers with you virtually doing nothing.

How we optimize your social media?

Define target audience

We define target audience after discussing every minor detail of your product and service, while defining target audience type, we keep factors in mind like – age, gender, location, interest and couple of more factors like income type where applicable.

The audience category can be used to make most out of your campaigns as it’s good to always keep your post in front of your potential customer rather than people generally surfing internet. Moreover, the category can be refined more for target optimization, post after post and campaign after campaign to run more efficient ads in future.

Optimize Campaigns

We do thorough historical analysis of your past posts if any, and then strategically do changes in your future post, to generate better result.

If you are hiring us from your first post itself, we generate multiple variations of ads for you and test them for initial phase, so we can get to know what works best for you. Generally speaking, unexpected behavior from online visitors can not be ruled out, but we as your partner social media optimization agency can read the trends, and work on what works out best for you.

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