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What’s the use of the most good-looking website, technically light years ahead, if your targeted visitors are not able to search you over the internet?
We can make your website one of the top ranked, so that you can garner most of the visitor and then can convert them to your leads. Ranking good on search engines like – Google, Bing, Yahoo or Baidu means more business and better ROI on every single penny that you are investing in your business.

Out of millions of websites out there in your industry, Google has just 10 slots for organic result and to acquire one of them you need to work religiously, regularly and on long term basis to outperform your competitor. We rank as top two website for multiple keyword and hence we can show result where we have worked and achieved higher ranking.

Above result can be cross-checked before allowing us to work for you. Even for new website we start delivering result by fourth month onwards, we do give measurable result through tools like google analytics. Once we start working for you, be sure that you will start ranking higher day by day and month by month.

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Budget is one of the beauty when it comes to PPC, and it depends how much you want to put on the table, it could be 10K per month to no limit play. We are there to make sure that you get most out of every penny invested.

We research the type of keywords which can yield out maximum queries in minimum allocated fund and in turn decreasing the cost per click. The cost shall be utilized across various keywords to generate maximum queries worth around 3 time of what you are investing.

We normally charge 12% of total PPC budget.

Including the strategy & research time, we can make your site live on search engine in no more than 4 hours.

PPC helps in getting your site on search engine in no time, it doesn’t matter how new your site is or what content your website serves. All it takes is some serious keyword research, setting up PPC account and depositing the money. SEO can take more than couple of months to even get your website on the first page.

Every single paisa can be accounted unlike SEO services, and money can be diverted dynamically to the keyword’s which yields better result.


Google Ads

Most of client who need any service or product goes to Google, if you are ranked there in top 3 advertisers, probability is that you get the lead, and it is not to be mentioned that more the lead more the clients. Moreover, you pay only when someone visit your website, or else your money is safe.

Display Ads

Display ads suits you well if you are into consumer products/services, the more the visibility, the better the branding. Depending on budget your website can be displayed on various websites that are in network of google networks and can be good source of branding and publicity.

Google Shopping Ads

You might have seen few products popping up on the top for few keywords, this helps client in directly comparing the price range, and shoots up the chance of landing potential client to your website and eventually converting them to the actual client.


Once anybody visit your website for services or products and abandon the cart or leave the website in between, remarketing comes to rescue and follow the potential customer to whichever website they go to. Remarketing is great tool to retain the client even after a while.

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