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Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

by Sandeep Shukla on 5 May, 2018

Here comes the biggest debate of the millennium, it’s all about yesteryear generation Vs today’s generation, a generation that has seen the tradition, knows the importance of the values, morale’s and sometime blindly follows them, and then there is a generation which is more educated then it’s predecessors, who wants to be free, who wants to think logically before following any rituals, who needs a reason to follow a custom or family tradition.

The young generation and the parent generation has their own thinking their own logic’s and we can’t decide who is right or who is wrong. Their are 3 main points in favor(or against) of both (younger and older generation):

  • The older generation has experience and the younger generation has power of advanced education.
  • In previous times before the people get some time to fall in love they found themselves happy with a partner(they get married even before they know the meaning of marriage) and now a days they leave their children free to study till they are mature enough and in some cases they want the child to be settled, and increasing the chance of being emotionally attached to someone.
  • Younger generation starts thinking according to the changing environment and get along well with the modern as well as tradition. Older people sometime becomes stubborn as they are not programmed to change with the changing environment.

Now let’s start analyzing and let’s try to find the answer of our main question, which one is better love marriage or arrange marriage:

  • First thing is your age, if you are teenager then we think you should consider the behave, background, family and culture of your crush. If this sounds too difficult for you, talk to someone who can understand and can guide you in true sense, whom you can trust. This may sound like i am underestimating you but trust there is so much in outer world that you still need sometime. Let’s talk about someone who is mature or is attaining maturity GO FOR YOUR GUT FEELING
  • Second thing to be considered is if someone in your family has taken this step or not, if the answer is yes then it’s good for you, if the answer is NO, then it may be difficult for you but again it depends on the place where you are born and brought up.
  • Go for arrange marriage if you are not in love yet, and if till the time you think that your parents have taken right decisions for your life, trust them for one of the biggest step in your life.
  • If you have someone in your life, who is caring for you, and has soft corner for you, then give it a shot, because at end of the day what matters is someone who loves you from core of his/her heart, nothing else matters, neither money nor society. A partner can make you or break you no matter how much effort you put in your relationship.
  • Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage depends on lots of things, a partner if you get him/her before your parents find one for him, if you want to go for love marriage find your in-laws before your parents find them for you.
  • Bonus Point – Raise your voice against dowry, chances are that your parents will then listen to you, as if they can’t get/spend money they can at least get their child happy. 

This is a never ending, and very emotional topic (i am in tears right now)
But what we suggest is that you should better tell your parents,

“Na to waise hi hai mere dard-e-dil, kya pata shayad dil-e-bahar mil hi jaaye”