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Footnotes to life

by Shreya Bhatnagar on 22 June, 2018

When certainty isn’t on my way, I stand departed to the all new unexpected consequences with my mind on what was thought and what was responded.
Sheh, you tend to lose hopes from life.
But temme, did you expect life to be that easy?
C’mon, if cakes were to come to every Tom in the town, who’d take care of the upcoming drastic consequences?

This is life. Right eye blinks to what you aspire for and the left HAS to contradict it all.
Left : is the world,always ready to shut the hopes.

Now, be deceiving to your own goals? For whom? The world? Is that the worth you’re made of? Is that the virtue that fascinates you? Is it going to make the Tom grab the cherry?

C’mon, prioritize your own song, your own vision.
Shutterbugs, will always have loads to say.

Question to life : Is it the world, or me? The “right” or the “left” ?
Reflect !