Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Onsite Computer Training Specialists, providing professional computer training courses, closed course training and customised solutions for the entire Delhi/NCR area since 2009. We specialise in providing quality training on most modern business applications, including the following:

Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook, Frontpage, Project, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash among others.

There are numerous avenues to explore when considering corporate training. You could send your employees off-site either locally or across the country, you could purchase training systems and curriculums, or you could provide onsite corporate training. Each training method has its pros and cons. If you need to keep your team close at hand and want to provide high quality instruction, onsite training is the way to go.

With our onsite computer training, we send the instructor to your location. Not only does this save you a great deal of travel expenses, but it keeps your team nearby. Your employees are there when you need them.For example, when you send your employees off site, they waste countless hours of time traveling to and from class and spend hundreds of dollars in airfare, hotels and other travel expenses per employee. To top it off, the employees are generally unavailable while they are gone. But with our onsite corporate training programs, your travel costs per employee are eliminated and your employees are available whenever you need them.

Companies benefit from onsite training because:

  • Productivity is controlled with adjustable course scheduling.
  • Training costs are reduced because you can train a large group of employees.
  • Result oriented high quality learning solutions.
  • All employees connect and are on the same wavelength.
  • Course objectives can be customized to fulfill corporate training needs.
  • Result oriented high quality learning solutions.

Who are our trainers?

Our team comprises of a hand picked selection of highly respected professional trainers from Microsoft Office Certified Master Instructors, Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Master Instructors, Microsoft Certified Trainers through to Professional Graphic Designers/Instructors and Adobe Certified Trainers all with real life experience in the Industry.

Our onsite computer training instructors are experts in their field and deliver outstanding training programs. They come to your office, lab, corporate building, boardroom or other location and provide the training your employees need in order to perform their best.