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Sales Department

You can get in touch with our friendly sales person for sales and pre-sales queries, you can also ask for discount codes and if they are in mood then you can get upto 90% off on the base price.

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Telephone No : +91-74285-73393

Support/Technical Department

One of the most boring people on the board, but beware of them they are boring only when they are working otherwise they are the biggest prankstar we have ever came across.

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Telephone No : +91-99999-82481

Billing Department

Always stuck around with papers in a locked room, we really don't what they hide from us, is it something to do with the fear of loosing papers, or are they earning higher profits??

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Telephone No : +91-99103-40046

Get In Touch

We are what we are because of you, we love to get comments, feedbacks, appreciation, critics and everything that you want to say. We believe that without you we have no existence, and hence we keep every possible way open so that we can be constantly in touch. So please write to us and one of our friendly executives will get in touch as soon as possible, and if everything goes smooth then he will become your dedicated account manager as well.