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Milleniance always gives priority to talent over experience. If you are able to think forward you are always welcome. Each and every employee is integral for success of Milleniance. We understand that every employee’s has their unique personality and we work hard to give flexible and personal attention to nourish and improve their personality.

Right now Milleniance is looking for more Millenia knights. If you think you are the one apply now by uploading your resume and don't forget to include your e-mail id. At any time we may get back to you.

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We are expanding at a fast pace and accordingly the roles and responsibilities getting increased, hence we are always at lookout for individuals who can join us and can contribute in their own style
So let's dive and see what all our HR team is looking for.

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We do realize that an individual's growth is as importnat as our company's growth and hence we keep the spirit of members as sky as high. Join us for a complete grooming of your personality

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Are you a college student looking for a summer internship in the IT industry? Milleniance Softnet is the place for you, an IT company that is a small and friendly startup in New Delhi and growing fast.

Come let us guide you for a better future.


Benefit of IT company now doesn't include only professional growth, we do focus on other perks and facilities as well.
We take care of health, food and communication.

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