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At Milleniance we believe in listening, analyzing, interpreting, advising and then implementing new projects and concepts to effectively present complex information. Our value-added approach helps us to deliver quality projects which suits your business needs and we incorporate state-of-art practices, techniques, and equipments.

We understand that effective communication is the key to clearly understand our client’s needs and therefore delivering the service that would satisfy our client expectations. Our initial communication is done through phone and emails, and if further client needs it, our representative meets him/her in person to solve any queries. We are always happy to help our valued client’s, whatever queries or concerns they might have.

Milleniance is a established provider of customised Web Services and licensed Software Solutions. It is located in heart of India – New Delhi. We have focused on maximizing shareowner value and achieving customer satisfaction through innovation in the information technology (IT) and services.

Our Leadership Team

Our credit for success goes to our team(current & past), we have few of industry best and most dedicated people working under one brand to deliver only the best.

  • Team member 1
    I am the number man, show me money or show me idea and we can work together.
    Job - CA & Advisor
    Total Exp - 37 Years
    Pankaj Chander Founder & CFO
  • Team member 1
    I am "कमाऊ पूत" of Milleniance, I leave no stone unturned when it comes to strategy making.
    Job - MARCOM
    Total Exp - 10 Years
    Daya Mishra Chief Executive Officer
  • Team member 1
    Gyan guru who makes sure that client's of Milleniance are leading way ahead of their competitors.
    Job - Technology Head
    Total Exp - 12 Years
    Sandeep Shukla Chief Technical Officer
  • Team member 1
    The mastermind and our global leader who is on mission expansion
    Job - Business Head
    Total Exp - 22 Years
    Ajit Nanda Chief Business Officer
  • Team member 1
    Give me money, and I will tell you the best way to utilize.
    Job - CS & Advisor
    Total Exp - 7 Years
    Namita Singh Company Secretary
  • Team member 1
    Let me know the resource you need, and I will arrange it for you, but you better cherish them.
    Job - Chief of Staff
    Total Exp - 8 Years
    Anshu Rana Chief of Staff
  • Team member 1
    With experience of more than 18 years, he makes sure that ROI shall be maintained for our client's as well for Milleniance.
    Job - Growth Catalyst
    Total Exp - 18 Years
    Rajiv Kumar Growth Catalyst
  • Team member 1
    All I know is to capture the attention of everyone around, for me and for you.
    Job - Digital Marketing Head
    Total Exp - 12 Years
    Sushant Shukla Digital Marketing Head
  • Team member 1
    Our Miss Perfectionist who takes care of things which go unnoticed by 99% visitors
    Job - Art Production Manager
    Total Exp - 8 Years
    Rachita Malhotra Art Production Manager